In addition to acting, writing, and directing, I design movie posters. I primarily use Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 with the occasional assist from Illustrator.

For Carny Trash, the director wanted to evoke the airbrush painted posters of the 70s and 80s, ala Slap Shot or Cool Hand Luke and not unlike the work of Drew Struzan (Star WarsIndiana JonesHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone). The stickers and cardboard textures are meant to suggest a last-minute carnival ad thrown in the trash.
For Lollipop, the idea was that a poster for the betamax release of a grindhouse movie was left in its case for a few years. Rain water leaked into the frame, causing mildew and discoloration. I kept the pinks brighter to create more contrast and give a more modern feel.
Post-Modern Art opens with two gallery patrons dissecting the artistic intentions behind leaving a wall blank. This is both a nod to that opening joke and an attempt at a clean, modern design with stark contrast. Also, notice the subtle gradient suggesting we are looking at a wall.
With Cahaba, I used un-retouched stills from the movie to give a soft, natural color palette. Reflection is a recurring theme in Cahaba, the two men having parallel struggles, so the image of the younger character is flipped to give a sense of mirroring the older character. I chose not to have it be a closer mirroring to give the overall image more balance. Notice the canvas texture on the green panel referencing the fact that the characters are painters.
eXorcists, Inc. is about a group of covert ops who handle issues pertaining to the greatest good and vilest evil. Hence the simple, black-and-white design. The aging is meant to evoke an old Bible about to fall apart.
In One More for Safety, what isn’t said is written all over the characters’ faces. While the notebook paper gives a sense of youth and school, the lines suggest confinement. Naomi and Davy (pictured) are still traumatized by a tragedy that forced them both to grow up too soon. The story is, also, a slice of life with little context, hence the framing to suggest that this is a snapshot from a longer story.