in post-production

Cahaba is a surreal slice of life that uses the biodiversity and pollution of the Cahaba River to explore the identity of two artists struggling with their own forms of pollution. I wrote and directed Cahaba with the goal of leaving the viewer with a hope that, regardless of where you are, you will find your way, even if that way is different than you envisioned.

Cahaba synopsis

An educated painter seeks inspiration from a talented youth on a chilly morning by the Cahaba river.

In the midst of an artistic drought, Tristan agrees to meet with a talented and unknown artist with the hope of being inspired and reminded of his love for painting. However, when this unknown artist arrives at their agreed meeting spot on the bank of the Cahaba River, he is not as he described himself: he is not an elderly man finally following his lifelong passion, but an eager teenager in need of a warmer coat.


official selection at The Indie Gathering

Lollipop is short thriller in which I starred and on which I acted as a producer. Inspired by Grindhouse horror movies and taking a visual cue from It Follows, Lollipop pays homage to the female-driven slashers of the 70s and 80s with a modern, witty yet still reverent sense of humor. Lollipop is about the women targeted by a serial killer who leaves a lollipop with each of his victims. But his next target is ready for him.



“[Nothing] can be done for the sake of evil even by the wicked themselves; for, as we abundantly proved, they seek good, but are drawn out of the way by perverse error.”

-Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy

“Looking at living beings with compassionate eyes makes you feel wonderful. You do not change anything. You only practice seeing with the eyes of compassion, and suddenly you suffer much less.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh, Going Home