Brett Blaylock’s Breakfast Burrito Blog – Statement of Purpose


I love breakfast burritos. I don’t have any fond memory of them ensuring their continual place in my diet. I don’t remember the first time I had one, nor do I remember the time I realized I loved them. But, whenever a breakfast burrito is an option at a restaurant, I order it (unless I’ve had it before and didn’t care for it; in which  case, why did I return in the first place?). I make pretty delicious breakfast burritos at home, as well. I read lists online of the best breakfast burritos in LA and have had most of them.

I’m serious.

From Tacos Villa Corona and Burrito King to Cofax and Cilantro. So, I’m sharing my findings and chronicling my discoveries.

A Delicious Method

Although all breakfast burritos are emphatically not created equal, I will endeavor in this writing to refrain from being too qualitative, since most breakfast burritos do have their place in the world. (If I downright don’t care for a burrito, I probably won’t even talk about it.)

That said, in my years of research, I have learned that sometimes comparing breakfast burritos is like comparing apples to oranges. So, I developed a method for discussing breakfast burritos: the scale of classic to clever.

Desirably Classic

A classic breakfast burrito contains scrambled eggs, cheese (probably cheddar), hashbrowns, and maybe a meat (sausage or bacon) all in a flour tortilla. It might have pico. Their preparation is pretty straightforward. The result is fairly standard most of the time. And, they can be delicious. Then, there are clever breakfast burritos.

Delectably Clever

A clever breakfast burrito might have grilled squash (Cilantro), pastrami and deli mustard, smoked potatoes (both at Cofax), citrusy carne asada (Commissary, the greenhouse one), or maybe brisket and a sunny egg (coincidentally, the other Commissary). Really, they can have (or not have) almost anything, as long as it can still justifiably be called a breakfast burrito.

And, while classic breakfast burritos can be incredible (Cassel’s) and even comforting (a familiar breakfast all wrapped up in a tortilla), clever breakfast burritos are exciting and can challenge your expectations of burritos and breakfast. They might even make you think.

Think about how delicious they are.

No Discrimination, Only Taste

Remember: At the outset, I didn’t say I loved “clever” breakfast burritos (although I do). I said I loved breakfast burritos. So, when I talk about breakfast burritos in the future, they might be classic or clever—or anywhere between.

To differentiate, I will often use a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “as classic as can be” and 10 being “what genius realized this could be a thing.”

I look forward to sharing my breakfast burrito research with you, and I fully encourage you to engage in both mouth and mind.