The Chori-Man: One of LA’s Best Breakfast Burritos?

LA Weekly recently released an article by Josh Scherer in which Mr Scherer claimed he had found one of the best Breakfast Burritos in Los Angeles at a stand at the Flower District Farmer’s Market. Having just begun my own blog dealing with the topic of LA-area Breakfast Burritos, it seemed that this lauded Breakfast Burrito would be a pertinent place to begin looking deeper at the BBs of the LA area. So, I trekked on down to the Flower District this past Saturday to find out if the Chori-man was truly selling one of the best Breakfast Burritos in Los Angeles.


After their write up in LA Weekly, I expected at least a short line, but lo and behold, no one was in line (compensating for the twenty-four minutes it took me to park downtown on a Saturday). Although Chori-Man was my only stop at the Farmer’s Market, I walked passed it, thinking perhaps I was at the wrong spot. But I walked to the end of the short marketplace and realized I had, indeed passed it. Chori-Man’s stand is thoroughly unassuming with mostly black branding and thin lettering.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the menu was very limited: tacos and burritos, two chorizo styles to choose from (green and traditional red), and… that’s all. It made me smile. In my experience, the more offerings on a menu, the less attention is given to ensure the quality of each item, especially Breakfast Burritos which are oftentimes token filler items on vast menus.

As the guys at the stand told me while they grilled the internals of the burrito, they are fourth generation Chorizo artisans. They make chorizo. That’s it. And they’re good at it.

What’s in it?

Their burritos are pretty straightforward: chorizo, egg, tater tots, and pepperjack cheese wrapped up in a big tortilla. But there are a couple of surprises. The egg is dropped on top of the tots and chorizo just before they’re done cooking and the yolk broken, resulting in a cracked-yolk fried egg. The other surprise is the green chorizo, which the gentlemen at the stand described to me as they were cooking. It’s seasoned with cilantro and green peppers and is, frankly, interesting to see on your burrito.

Classic or Clever?

The Chori-Man’s green chorizo breakfast burrito is right in the middle when it comes to classic versus clever. The ingredients are mostly what you expect in a Breakfast Burrito, but the green chorizo and egg preparation are both pretty exciting. So, on that non-qualitative, sliding scale, it’s around a 5. On a deliciousness scale, it’s more like a 10 (out of 10, obvi).

How much?

$8: A great deal, especially considering the craft and size of the burrito.


That I am aware, Chori-Man’s only consistent hours are at the Flower District Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 9am-2pm. But they pop up elsewhere on occasion. Follow them on Instagram @theChoriMan to find out.

If you go to the FM, there are tons of other food stands to check out. You can get anything from Pupusas to Orange Chicken. But tracking down coffee isn’t quite as easy…

So, does Chori-Man sell one of the best Breakfast Burritos in Los Angeles? Absolutely.