Brett Blaylock’s Breakfast Burrito Blog: Brunch’s Bibimbap Breakfast Burrito

Serendipity. Was coming across Brunch DTLA’s Bibimbap Breakfast Burrito meant to be? I went to Karin Schneider for a headshot shoot recently. Seemingly randomly, Karin mentioned in passing a place she liked to eat regularly that had a great Breakfast Burrito, which she referred to as “not your classic breakfast burrito.” [Insert cliche record scratch sound effect.] I hadn’t yet mentioned my love of BBs or my new blog. So, I told her about my system of discussing Breakfast Burritos, about how I rate them on a sliding scale of Classic to Clever. “This is definitely a clever breakfast burrito,” she said.

The reason Karin had mentioned Brunch DTLA in the first place was because it’s only about a block from her studio. Of course, after the shoot (which went really well, by the way), I had to go down to Brunch DTLA to try for myself. The way Karin had described it, there was a possibility that this BB could be one of the cleverest Breakfast Burritos I had ever eaten.


Brunch DTLA is in DTLA, obviously. Specifically, it’s in a nondescript food court (next to a Pizza Hut) on 7th and Los Angeles, near the Fashion District. The BDTLA counter is a cute, well-kept spot in the middle of a far less cute space. It’s all charming in its way, but probably not somewhere you would stay for hours on end.

What’s in it?

This burrito was unlike any I had consumed before. Fried egg and a flour tortilla were the only classic ingredients in this Breakfast Burrito. Otherwise, it’s stuffed with grilled corn, bean sprouts, carrots, ground beef, and rice. Normally, I might consider rice to be a classic (or borderline classic) filling as well, but not here. The rice is seasoned with gochujang, the fermented Korean condiment, perfectly complementing the slightly sweet vegetables and savory beef with a tangy spiciness that doesn’t linger longer than desired.

Classic or Clever?

Like the best Clever Breakfast Burritos, the Bibimbap Burrito balances delicately, challenging expectations of BBs while still satisfying that very specific craving that only BBs can. I do not hesitate to say that this is one of the most delicious BBs I’ve ever had. I, also, don’t hesitate to say that it’s one of the cleverest I have yet come across. I do hesitate to say that it is the MOST clever. But it very well may be. Perhaps I’m not thinking big enough, but I can barely imagine the envelope being pushed much further than Brunch DTLA owner/chef Michael Korchmar has with his Bibimbap Breakfast Burrito. So, from classic to clever, I give it a 9 out of 10. (A 10/10 for tastiness.)

How much?

The Bibimbap Breakfast Burrito costs $8, which is a great deal not only because it’s big and tasty, but also because it’s interesting. There are so many flavors and textures that it’s a surprise that it all works. But it does. And very well.


Brunch DTLA serves their Bibimbap Breakfast Burrito whenever they’re open. They also serve Cold Pressed Juices and coffee from Coffee Colab, which is also only about a block and a half away if you’d rather visit directly.

You can see photos of the rest of their menu on Instagram @BrunchDTLA. And, if you need headshots, check out @karinschneiderphotography. I’ll upload some pics from that shoot when they’re ready. For more on Breakfast Burritos, follow @Brettie_B (that’s me).

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